International Security Management & Training

ISMT trains your staff and makes your company crisis-proof!

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We solve the following problems for you:

We clear the jungle and  show you how to recognize a professional and reputable security service and put your current provider through its paces.

We train your managers and employees to develop modern security awareness and save you a lot of money for conventional security measures.

We will show you how you can make your company crisis-proof and how to recognize dangers in the future and profit from crises wisely.

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"Without security, man can neither develop his strength nor enjoy the fruit of it;

because without security there is no freedom. "

- Wilhelm von Humbold

We proudly served customers from:


​Security is not an off-the-shelf product and cannot be created by half-hearted standard measures.

Every company needs a handmade solution for the individual case.

We advise you competently in all questions of security and find the solution that is perfect for YOU.

Alexander Lukas

Alexander Lukas