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Make your company resilient in 7 steps and grow through crises.

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"Without security, man can neither develop his strength nor enjoy the fruit of it;

because without security there is no freedom. "

- William of Humboldt

Emergency training & crisis simulation

You can only find out whether your company is prepared for emergencies through realistic exercises.

We develop tailor-made exercises for your organization or company.

Dealing with violence in the workplace

Especially in nursing and service occupations with frequent customer contact, the threat to employees from acts of violence increases every year.

While police officers and security forces are thoroughly prepared for such situations, other professionals are left to fend for themselves.

Benefit from our extensive experience in official and private security and empower your staff to protect themselves.


training of security personnel

We competently prepare your staff online for the legally obliged examination according to the German law to work in the German security industry. (in German language only)


In addition, we give them everything they need for practice as part of resource and scenario training.

Compliance & auditing

Who watches the watchmen? We do!

Don't leave the safety of your life and property to amateurs.

With poorly trained and unmotivated security personnel, you can unknowingly bring an insider threat into your home.


Our consultants and testers from the ISMT Red Team know all the tricks of the trade and put your contractual partner through its paces.

Alexander Lukas

Physical Security Concepts

"Physical security describes security measures that serve to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources in order to protect people and property from damage (such as espionage , theft or terrorist attacks) ."

Field Manual 3-19.30: Physical Security . Headquarters,

US Department of Army

Security is not a product off the shelf and can never be created by half-hearted standard measures.

Every company needs a hand-made solution for the individual case.

We advise you competently in all questions of security and find the solution that is perfect for YOU.


Alexander Lukas

Alexander Lukas