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We provide holistic security expertise and enable you to build a crisis-proof company that will even grow through future crises.

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We solve the following problems for you:

We teach you how security works today and how you can implement this approach in your company.

We train your managers and employees to develop modern security awareness, thereby saving you a lot of money on expensive security services.

We will set up a security management system in your company in accordance with ISO 31000 and carry out regular crisis simulations and emergency training if required.

"Without security, man can neither develop his strength nor enjoy the fruit of it;

because without security there is no freedom. "

- Wilhelm von Humbold

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Management Services


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You run your business, we do the security. Fast, professional and individual.

We take care of tenders, create concepts, conduct training and put your security measures through their paces with security audits.

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Training Courses


We with you

Our training courses enable you to understand the area of security and security management holistically and put you in a position to improve the processes in your company and increase safety for all employees.

In the end, you will be able to build a crisis-proof company that can face future threats and contingencies with ease and even grow through crises in the end.

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​Security is not an off-the-shelf product and cannot be created by half-hearted standard measures.

Every company needs a handmade solution for the individual case.

We advise you competently in all questions of security and find the solution that is perfect for YOU.

Alexander Lukas

Alexander Lukas