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Alexander Luke


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My Values

Resilience & Strength

Wrong decisions are made from a position of weakness.

Our clients do not hope for a life without difficulties.

Because we equip you with the skills you need to face crises without fear and grow with problems.

Resilience and antifragility for a self-determined  Life. Private and professional.

My story

Since 2018 I have been living in Rome, Italy, providing security trainings and consulting services to clients across Europe.


As a German citizen, I was born into a society that could hardly be safer and more protected. Nevertheless, I came into contact with severe violence in my early youth. These experiences have shaped me and created in me the will to help myself and others so that I and others never become a victim of violence again.


Of course there is violence and crime in Europe. But the fact that millions of people dream of living here every year shows that we are one of the most livable places on earth. Everyone in Europe can develop their personality freely and live in very different life models and be happy. - Why is that?

Some people say that this is because of the high level of our civilization that we have reached. We have become wise and sensitive, so we no longer use violence to solve our problems.

I think the opposite is the case.

European history and various events during the Corona pandemic show how thin the blanket of civilization can be.

The war in Ukraine shows how quickly a previously safe world can be reduced to dust and rubble.

In my opinion, peace and prosperity have emerged in Europe BECAUSE we can guarantee security through stable states and societies.

Anyone who has to fight for their bread every day or is fleeing war and violence has little time to compose operas and to make architecture not only functional but also beautiful.

If you are not able to defend yourself, sooner or later you will become a victim, or “Without security there is no freedom”, as Wilhelm von Humboldt once said.


Doing my part to make our world safer and therefore more civilised, better and more beautiful is my inner drive, to which I feel deeply committed.


As a soldier and security professional, I have taken on responsibility for the security of military airports, military family residential areas, critical data centers, universities, music venues, research centers and nuclear facilities.  At the "first line" as a guard or soldier, and as a supervisor, manager, trainer and CEO.


I have learned that security is a valuable commodity that does not come for free. It takes hard work by the few to ensure the safety of the many. Through years of experience, I have been able to build up an international network of experts who share my values and with whom I can cover a wide range of security consulting services.

I am proud and happy to be able to provide you with this expertise to make your life safer in the future.

Alexander Lukas
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