Workplace Violence

Especially in nursing and service occupations with frequent customer contact, the threat to employees from acts of violence increases every year.

While police officers and security forces are thoroughly prepared for such situations, other professionals are left to fend for themselves.

Benefit from our extensive experience in official and private security and empower your staff to protect themselves.

What is workplace violence?

The International Labor Organization defines violence as " any act, incident or inappropriate behavior in which a person is physically assaulted, threatened, harmed or injured during or in connection with work "

Every year, several thousand accidents at work caused by violence and confrontation are reported to the professional associations. As an employer, you are obliged to minimize these risks. We are happy to do this work for you.

risk factor violence

From the statistics shown here, you can see that it's not just security services that have problems with workplace violence. In fact, they're more mid-table in terms of threat.

In the sectors shown above, groups of people are particularly at risk who

  • have frequent contact with the public.

  • handle cash.

  • often work at night or early in the morning.

  • work alone or in small groups.


Foreigners and people with disabilities are also particularly at risk.

The more points come together here, the higher the risk of being confronted with violence.

Gewalt am Arbeitsplatz

Accidents at work due to violence at work broken down by economic sector - Source: DGUV Statistics - Accidents at work 2020

Gewalt am Arbeitsplatz

Accidents at work due to violence at work broken down by type of confrontation - Source: DGUV Statistics - Accidents at work 2020

Violence in the workplace has many faces

Workplace violence takes many forms. Perpetrators can be:

  • Current or former employees

  • contractors or suppliers

  • Current, former or future customers

  • family members of employees

  • service provider

  • People with no connection to their company

Commonly occurring phenomena are:

  • Aggressive or intimidating  behaviour 

  • stalking

  • mobbing / bullying

  • physical violence

  • Self harming behaviour

  • Sexual harassment

How to respond to workplace violence?

If your employees have already become victims of violence, then it is your part to act. In most countries you are legally obliged to create a policy against workplace violence.

We would be happy to do this work for you and train your staff.

Procedure of a workplace violence exercise


first contact

In a free consultation, we find out what threats your staff is exposed to and how to counter them.


preparation and training

The planning phase takes place in close contact with you. Depending on the scenario, we train your staff here.



This phase is the most important. Here we evaluate what worked and what didn't. We analyze in detail the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.


scenario design

Using proven templates, we create a concept or exercise scenario that is tailored to your needs.



Our scenario training is carried out by experts at your location.


final report

At the end you will receive a detailed report on the course of the exercise. We explain strengths and weaknesses and give advice on how to sustainably improve your risk of confrontation.


costs and magnitudes

Our exercises are tailor-made for your company. Flat-rate price information is therefore not possible. The price depends on the scope of the exercise, the number of people involved and the necessary training effort. 

The following orders of magnitude are possible:


Various scenarios are played out in a relaxed atmosphere at the card table or in the training room. Ideal for daytime or morning seminars

train the trainer

Exercises for your executives in real time. The regular operations of the company can continue in the meantime. Your executives are sensitized to the topic of violence and get to know concepts for dealing with violence.


Individual attacks and confrontations are practiced intensively with selected people.

live action events

A large-scale exercise for your whole operation. Our team portrays criminals and outside workers and stops your entire operation  trot

Train the trainer and sandbox exercises are also available als online training.


Contact us today and we will develop unique exercises and workouts exclusively for you.