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Advanced training:
Certified protection and security guard

Do you want to become a professional security guard and finally earn good money for good work?

This is your chance:

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Certified protection and security force (IHK)

The certified protection and security force (GSSK or GSS) is a further training test in accordance with the Vocational Training Act.


It enables experienced security staff to demonstrate above-average competence.


Certified Protection and Security Forces are (along with the Safety and Security Service Forces and Safety and Security Specialists) the skilled workers in the industry. The backbone of professional plant security and corporate security.

Certified protection and security forces work in demanding areas of object and factory security, in nuclear facilities or as managers in private security companies. You can also be employed in the internal factory security units of the automotive or chemical industry, take on guard and security tasks at Deutsche Bahn or as an employee in the public sector.


In a word: if you want to work permanently in a professional and well-paid environment, you've come to the right place.

Live online training

The live online training  for the tested protection and security force contains everything you need to pass the test.

High-quality learning material with mock exams

252 units of live online lessons

A complete exam preparation.

up to 2 individual lessons per module, if desired

Help with finding a job via a nationwide network

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The GSSK Live Online Training contains everything you need to pass the exam.

  1. All learning material

  2. 252 units of live online lessons

  3. A complete exam preparation.

  4. up to 2 individual lessons per module, if desired

  5. Help with finding a job via a nationwide network

Here you will be given all the knowledge in online lessons. With the help of the script you can deepen your knowledge.

The live lessons take place online via Zoom or other video chat software.

All learning material is provided in convenient pdf format and as a printed version. You may make one physical copy (print) for your own use.

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Sehr kompetente und ausführliche Prüfungsvorbereitung, nimmt sich viel Zeit um den Unterricht anschaulich & verständlich zu präsentieren und zu vermitteln.
Alexander Lukas ist absolut zu empfehlen!



Ein guter Lehrer muss nicht nur vermitteln können auch die Schüler verstehen können und das kann er.



Kurse sind super organisiert, zeitlich wird geschaut dass es für alle teilnehmer passt. Auch nach Kursende ansprechpartner bei Fragen.



Hr. Lukas hat mich super auf die GSSK Prüfung vorbereitet. So das ich diese mit einem guten Wissen und Gefühl ablegen konnte.



Ohne Herr Lukas hätte ich meine GSSK Prüfung nicht bestsanden . Vielen Dank.

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  Course dates:

Begin:  04.10.2022

End:  March 2023

Scope: 220 teaching units of 45 minutes each

Including: learning material, exam preparation (oral & written), help with finding a job

Price: €1,500 (payment in installments 6 x €250 or 12 x €130 possible / prices for companies on request)

The course can be canceled at any time without notice to the end of a month. There are no further payments after that.

The course can be canceled within the first 30 days without giving reasons. All fees paid up to that point will then be refunded.


Admission Requirements

Please read BEFORE contacting us

The GSSK is not for beginners.


If you want to be admitted to the GSSK exam, you must meet the following requirements:


  • Minimum age of 24 years

  • A first aid course that must not be older than 2 years on the date of the exam

  • Completed vocational training and 2 years of professional experience as a security officer


Anyone who has not completed vocational training may also register for the examination after 5 years of professional experience if at least 3 years of this professional experience have been worked as a security guard.

Furthermore, you should be able to understand and use the German language at the level of a native speaker, both spoken and written.


If you meet these requirements, nothing stands in the way of your path to becoming a security professional.

Is the course suitable for you?


Responsible instructor for this course:

Portrait nukular.jpg

Alexander Luke

Master of protection and security

IHK-certified trainer

Managing Director and owner of ISMT