Emergency Training

You can only find out whether your company is prepared for emergencies through realistic exercises.

We develop tailor-made exercises for your organization or company.

Emergency training and crisis simulation

Our crisis and emergency team prepares companies and organizations for unforeseen events.

For this we have a "Red Team" with specialists from the private security industry, military, police, fire brigade and rescue services at our disposal.

Process of a crisis simulation


first contact

In a free consultation we find out which scenarios and exercises can make your organization more resilient.


preparation and training

The planning phase takes place in close contact with you. Depending on the scenario, we train your staff here.



This phase is the most important. Here we evaluate what worked and what didn't. We analyze in detail the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.


scenario design

Using proven and tested templates, we create a tailor-made exercise scenario for you.



Our scenario training is carried out by experts at your location.


final report

At the end you will receive a detailed report on the course of the exercise. We explain strengths and weaknesses and give advice on how to sustainably improve your emergency skills.

Which scenarios are possible?

Our experts can prepare you for a variety of scenarios. Even the most exotic crises can be simulated on request.

Our core business lies in the following areas:

Fire drills and medical emergencies

With us, your first aid and fire safety exercises will become an experience that will be remembered.

After the exercise, you will know if your concepts work and if evacuations and evacuations work smoothly.


violence and terrorism

Fortunately, terrorist attacks and intended mass killings are not commonplace. But when they happen, the consequences are all the more drastic.

Take away your employees' fears and give them the power to act in extreme situations.

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loss of facility

How do you deal with the loss of a property?

With this staff exercise, you will learn to think strategically about hazard prevention and to check your process landscape for fragility.

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dealing with crime

No business is safe from crime. From theft by employees to physical attacks by customers, we can simulate a wide range of crimes.

With our de-escalation training, you will learn how to deal with violence and crime correctly.

Take also a look at our offer on dealing with workplace violence.

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costs and magnitudes

Our exercises are tailor-made for your company. Flat-rate price information is therefore not possible. The price depends on the scope of the exercise, the number of people involved and the necessary training effort. 

The following orders of magnitude are possible:


The scenario is played out in a relaxed atmosphere at the card table. Ideal for daytime or morning seminars

staff exercise

Exercises for your executives in real time. The regular operations of the company can continue in the meantime.


Individual aspects of your emergency plans are practiced intensively with selected people.

live action events

A large-scale exercise for your whole operation. Our team portrays criminals and external rescue workers and keeps your entire organisation stressed.

Contact us today and we will develop unique exercises and workouts exclusively for you.