Make your company crisis-proof

"Don't pray for an easy life,

pray for the strength to endure a difficult life.”

— Bruce Lee

Anti-Fragile Security Management

The next generation of security management

Identify Weaknesses

Think Strategically

Become Resilient and antifragile

Security management for industry and medium-sized companies

How to make your company crisis-proof in 7 steps

If you have never dealt with security management, then you belong to the majority of entrepreneurs.

Security management has a reputation for being complex and complicated. And indeed, a functioning safety management system (SMS) in a large company is a matter for highly qualified experts. It is not without reason that all Fortune500 companies and all pay an army of highly paid specialists. Fire protection engineers, risk managers, occupational safety experts, IT security specialists and also armed personnel. No company would spend millions year after year on something that was not necessary.

Smaller companies often do not have these budgets and do not dare to tackle the matter because of the supposed complexity.  But it is precisely the medium-sized companies that are the drivers of the economy and the backbone of prosperity.

However, learning the basics of security management is anything but rocket science. Anyone capable of running a business can implement safety management easily. Ideally, security management should be set up in the start-up phase.

In contrast to classic consulting agencies, we do not send an expensive army of experts, do the work for you and then leave. Concepts created in this classic way usually end up in a drawer at some point and are only dusted off again for recertification. Real crisis competence does not arise in this way.

We will introduce you to the basics and enable you to take responsibility for your own safety. The knowledge is created by you and individually adapted for you. You will learn the basics in 6 weeks part-time online lessons.

After 6 weeks you will know...

which aspects of security management are necessary for your company.

where private security services can help you and where they burn your money

how to never get in touch with dubious security companies again

why a positive culture of failure and safety awareness is essential.

what threats you need to be prepared for at home and abroad.

After 6 weeks you will be able...

to recognize which assets and processes in your company are vulnerable to dangers and threats.

to assess and evaluate these risks.

to develop measures to manage the risks.

to embed these measures deeply in your corporate culture

to independently organize and conduct security training and emergency drills

After consultation, an intensive course is also possible in a shorter time. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


We work with proven templates from the VdS, the VdI and the trade associations, take into account ISO 31000 and exclusive vulnerability analysis tools from US authorities.

We bring in our experience from the military, high-security surveillance and nuclear facilities.

You will learn the German, the US-American and the Israeli approach to security management and after the course you can develop the style that suits you and your company best.

Our Offer

Level I - Basics Training

If you have not yet come into contact with SMS, we recommend that you start here.  

Level II - Embed the System

If you already have experience in security management, you can start here . In this level you will learn how to embed existing knowledge in your company. You will learn how embedding can save you a lot of money on external security services.

Level III - Finishing Touches

This level is 100% individual. As an agency, we take on planning and training tasks, test your measures and develop individual concepts. More about this here!

Step 1

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Objective Identification

It all starts with the analysis of the processes and value-added elements in your company and their interdependencies.

You create a systematic list of all aspects necessary for the company and prioritize them.

step 4

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Concept Creation

In this step, you will learn an enormous range of measures that you can use to mitigate identified risks.

This includes technical, personnel and organizational measures.

step 2

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Threat Analysis

You will learn how to create a threat analysis that takes into account all processes in your company.

You recognize design threats, beyond design threats, strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.

step 5

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No concept works without training. And no training works without a solid plan.

Finally, you will learn how to implement your concept in reality and how to make your workforce crisis-proof.

step 3

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Risk Management

Based on the threat analysis, you will learn how to determine the risk of damage and how to avoid, mitigate and transfer it and what risks you can or must accept.

step 6

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Audit & Compliance

With the tools you have learned, you are now able to set, enforce and control your own rules.

Level I - Basic Training

This level is the ideal start.

Nobody knows your company better than they do. Therefore, with our external support, you should be able to protect your business and build basic resilience in 6 steps.

The advantage of this system:

  • You build up your own expertise that is tailored to your company.


  • The specialist knowledge remains in your company after the training and matures there.


  • You make a one-off investment and receive permanent and sustainable resilience.


After this course you will be able to set up and continuously improve your own safety management system in your company.

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Grow through problems? Antifragility makes it possible.

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Security is released from the "night watchman" existence and becomes a part of every process in your company.

Level II - Step 7: Embed the system

After you have learned the basic elements, this seventh step is about embedding the system in your company.

A modern security management system must not be a "secret police force" or act like a surveillance state. This authoritarian approach has been shown to mean that damage is more likely to be covered up and that personal responsibility is often passed on.

We'll show you how to deeply ingrain a positive safety culture in your organization through embedding and antifragility.

rostfreier Stahl

agency services

We do the work for you and create concepts for you, train your employees and managers and put your security measures through their paces.

Level III - The final touch

Are you already able to set up a safety management system and have it established?

Do you need additional expertise?


We have expertise in the following areas:

  • physical security

  • Dealing with private security services

  • Prevention of Violence in the Workplace

  • crisis communication

  • training of security personnel

  • Anti amok and terrorism concepts


We think in a solution-oriented manner and develop tailor-made concepts for you.